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Aug 10

Faivre Drumfilter installed at DAFF marine fish hatchery

  Two weeks back we installed a Faivre 4-80 “in-tank” drumfilter at the DAFF (Dept Agric Fisheries and Forestry) marine aquaculture hatchery in Hamburg in the Eastern Cape. This is a government project run by the DAFF aquaculture department on dusky kob (Argyrosomus japonicus). DAFF were having some issues with the filtration systems being unable …

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Apr 21

Two Dam Sustainable article in Agri Kultuur online magazine

Take a look at the article on the Two Dam Sustainable (TDS) trout farm, in the March edition of Agri Kultuur online magazine. (Click the link to view the article – go to page 12 of the magazine). Two Dam Sustainable is a trout farm in the Montague area of the Western Cape. TDS has no …

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Apr 21

Monitoring and Control article in Agri Kultuur online magazine

For those of you interested in reading about monitoring and control systems for aquaculture, please take a look at the article we wrote in the February edition of the Agri Kultuur online magazine. (Click the link to view the article – go to page 12 of the magazine). Enjoy.

Jan 13

Something to think about!

“Aquaculture is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It is like all primary production sectors a highly competitive industry with high entry costs, high risks and 24/7 hard work”. I took this from the Land based Aquaculture Assessment Framework website (www.lbaaf.co.nz). Thought it was particularly pertinent. Take a look at the LBAAF site. There are …

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Dec 11

Freestate Province Community Catfish Farm

We have had a busy year up in the Freestate doing some upgrading of catfish facilities built for the Department of Agriculture some years back. There are six different projects situated in an arc that runs from Pertrusburg through Koffiefontein, Fauresmith, Springfontein, Bethuli and Zastron. We started with our work about a year ago. Its …

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Oct 21

Operation Phakisa – What are the prospects?

A month or two ago I was invited to attend an address on Operation Phakisa given by the President. I attended on behalf of AASA, the Aquaculture Association of South Africa. I have to say that I was a little sceptical, and took a bet with one of my staff against Mr Zuma being there …

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Apr 16

GSM Control Systems for Aquaculture

We do a range of control systems for aquaculture, but here is something simple that can be used for basic control of your pumps on an aquaculture system, a bore hole pump or even a koi pond filter system. On these systems we make use of a GSM Commander unit (we are an authorised, trained …

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Apr 11


I used to play underwater hockey (crazy sport – Google it) for the University of Stellenbosch under a coach by the name of Jimmy Herbert. Jimmy was a great guy with a wealth of experience in life. He had a catch phrase used on us on a regular basis. You would hear him shout it …

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Mar 26

Selling Tilapia in the Informal Sector

Some weeks ago we needed to free up some space in one of our tanks for smaller fish that were growing beyond the capacity of their tanks. We harvested two hundred plus tilapia around 180 grams each. These were standard grey mozambique tilapia that had not been growing particularly fast. We gave them to one …

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Feb 27

Aquaculture in Agricultural Tunnels

One of the key issues affecting aquaculture system productivity is the maintenance of a constant environment. Most important is your water, but you also need to control the environment surrounding the aquaculture equipment. There are a number of reasons for this, the most obvious of which is the control of temperature. Why else: protection of …

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