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French manufacturer Faivre is an innovative manufacturer of equipment for fish farms. Faivre’s first products for the aquaculture industry were made in 1958 and since then have grown in number and advanced in quality and efficiency.

Faivre manufactures a broad product range of products including the following categories:

Drum filters

  • drum filters for the cleaning of intake water, outlet water and water within recirculation systems
  • a range of sizes from small 400mm diameter drums through to massive 2m diameter drums
  • units are available “frame mounted” or “in tank”, manufactured in 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • “in tank” options in stainless steel or can be supplied with HDPE tanks


Fish graders

  • A variety of models for the sorting of fish from 5 grams to 4 kg
  • Efficient and gentle on fish
  • Freshwater and marine species of fish

Fish counters

  • Pesca Vision fish counters make use of LED beam technology to ensure accurate and consistent fish counts


  • Aerators for fish ponds
  • Diffuser pipe for aeration
  • Egg graders

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