Deep Blue Aqua designs and manufactures a number of different products that are available in various materials. Our range includes larval rearing tanks, rearing tanks and smaller items such as pump stands or hand graders.

Materials used include GRP, acrylic, HDPE and polyethylene and PVC. We also work in steel.

Customized products are also made for clients with specific individual requirements that need to be met.

Egg incubators

Transparent acrylic egg incubation tubes with domed bottom perfect for incubation of fish eggs. Incubators are supplied as individual egg incubation jars of complete incubation units. [portfolio_slideshow]  

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Larvae tanks

Fiberglass larvae tanks are available for fish and shellfish hatcheries. Tanks are available as a 1000 litre version with shallow sloped bottom and a 500 litre version with a steep sloped bottom. Egg hatchout trays are also available for abalone hatcheries. [portfolio_slideshow]  

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Abalone Weaning Tanks

Flat-bottomed weaning tanks suitable for rearing of abalone spat can be supplied in fiberglass. These tanks are supplied in white and have dimensions of 2000mm 1200mm, with a depth of 300mm. Tanks stand on four legs. [portfolio_slideshow]  

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We build a variety of small aquaponics units that are suitable for home use. We also build custom made systems for commercial and demonstration uses, for example our systems are used in hotels and restaurants to hold fresh salad greens, live and growing, until the time they are needed on the plate. Our 1m long …

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Round tanks

We make a variety of round tanks suitable for rearing of fish. Tanks can be supplied in HDPE or fiberglass, with dimensions up to 6m diameter and 1.2m deep. Tanks are generally constructed on site and can be supplied with bottom drain or side drain assemblages (or both). [portfolio_slideshow]  

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Foam Fractionators

Various sized foam fractionators (protein skimmers) are available. Smaller diameter units are available up to 1m diameter. A rotomoulded plastic unit (3.2m high x 2.2m diameter (holding around 8000 litres) is available with a through flow capacity of maximum 120m3 per hour. [portfolio_slideshow]  

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Biofilters, bio-media and de-gassing towers

A variety of biofiltration systems can be designed and supplied. From static media to extruded bio-media for moving-bed biofilters. We also design and build de-gassing towers for incorporation into primary water supply systems and recirculation systems. [portfolio_slideshow]  

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System Design

System design is available for a variety of species and situations. Our work has covered live holding systems, R&D systems and facilities, hatcheries for fresh and marine fish and abalone as well as growout facilities for fresh water and marine species. Designs and drawings are completed in Autocad for ease of inclusion in architectural and …

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Skid-mounted Filtration Units

Skid-mounted recirculation filter systems and custom made to client specifications. Design and size are dependent on the water volume, loading, temperature and water (fresh or sea) to be filtered.

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