Nov 06

Remote solar powered water quality monitoring system


Remote solar power monitoring system

Remote solar power monitoring system

The Deep Blue Aqua Wireless Monitoring Unit makes it easy to measure dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature & pH in remote areas where there isn’t any power.

The Unit is very easy to operate – just place it and start logging. The unit comes standard with its own solar power supply and hence can be placed at any remote location where the sun shines – for example mounted on a fish cage! The logging of parameters is set to 5 min increments (changeable) and can be adjusted to suit your needs by the handy “Logger Link App”. Stored readings are sent to your computer daily through the GPRS modem, at any set time. A data file is sent to a drop-box folder and can be viewed in excel for your convenience.

The Unit can be expanded on at anytime to allow for more parameters to be added.

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Included in the unit are:

  • 1 x DO/Temp Probe
  • 1 x pH Probe
  • 1 x Solar Panel with Bracket
  • 1 x Board with Bracket
  • 1 x 12V Battery
  • 1 x GPRS modem with antenna
  • 1 x Logger CR800
  • Calibration Fluid for Probes
  • Operating Manuel


Parameters:                                Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, pH Probe

Type:                                          OxyGuard & Campbell Scientific

Cable Length:                             4 meter per probe

Operating Conditions:                Probe: -5 to +45°C, Meter: -20 to +60°C

Accuracy:                                   Depends on calibration accuracy.

Accuracy Temp:                         +/- 0.2°C Data-log

Capacity:                                   Depends on logging interval

Dimensions box:                        300mm x 400mm x 250mm

Standard accessories:               Membranes with O rings electrolyte, buffers

Expandable Probes:                  Yes – Please Consult Deep Blue Aqua

Remote Viewing:                       Yes – Available app from I-store and Android