Apr 16

GSM Control Systems for Aquaculture

We do a range of control systems for aquaculture, but here is something simple that can be used for basic control of your pumps on an aquaculture system, a bore hole pump or even a koi pond filter system. On these systems we

GSM diagram

make use of a GSM Commander unit (we are an authorised, trained supplier and installer of these systems). These
The GSM Commanders can be configured to monitor and control a variety of different systems.

Here are some examples of the functions:

  • systems can also be used for basic recording of data such as temperature and can also log “episodes” on your system.
  • • GSM Commander sends sms to you if there is a power failure & power restore
  • • GSM Commander sends sms to you when borehole pump doesn’t want to start
  • • GSM Commander sends sms to you if float switches do not register a rising water level
  • • GSM Commander sends sms to you if the borehole pump has not worked for some time
  • • GSM Commander sends sms to you with pump running hours for maintenance purposes (daily, monthly or even when it reaches a certain total)
  • • start and stop the borehole pump manually from your cell phone
  • • add flow meter to send water volume statistics as required
  • • add flow sensor to prevent dry-run and get notification when activation occurs
  • • request tank level by sending an sms to the GSM Controller (float switches required).

GSM unit

The GSM Commander monitoring systems employ PC or SMS-based systems for keeping the user continuously informed of the conditions inside the greenhouse or building.

The GSM Commander can be used to automate data capture, for example the environmental temperatures or water temperatures in an aquaculture facility. Set your temperature limits and receive sms notification to your cell phone when the limits are exceeded, or just log on over the internet and take a look at the present and past readings. Use the GSM Commander to continually monitor and control the environment in which you are working.