Mar 26

Selling Tilapia in the Informal Sector

harvesting 20140304 - 1

Some weeks ago we needed to free up some space in one of our tanks for smaller fish that were growing beyond the capacity of their tanks. We harvested two hundred plus tilapia around 180 grams each. These were standard grey mozambique tilapia that had not been growing particularly fast.

We gave them to one of our technicians who sold them in the local informal settlement after work one evening. Selling price all told came to just over R20 per kg, whole weight, un-gutted. We were a little disappointed with this but I suspect that selling during the day, rather than late into the evening would have given a better outcome. Also the “large” quantity of fish that needed to be sold over a short space of time didn’t make things easier for our fish monger.

harvesting 20140304 - 2The proceeds of the sale of the tilapia went to our staff. Running our R&D fish systems takes a little extra effort from them – remember most of what we do is build aquaculture systems and this small facility is run just for R&D purposes – so our guys get to benefit when we sell fish.

The experience provided us some useful learning on selling tilapia in the informal sector.