Feb 27

Aquaculture in Agricultural Tunnels

Dicla 2

Tilapia farm installed by Deep Blue Aqua in a Dicla tunnel in Limpopo.

One of the key issues affecting aquaculture system productivity is the maintenance of a constant environment. Most important is your water, but you also need to control the environment surrounding the aquaculture equipment. There are a number of reasons for this, the most obvious of which is the control of temperature. Why else: protection of our assets from physical damage by the environment (storms, wind, rain, sun etc), theft, working conditions etc.

tunnel pic

There is a range of “housings” for aquaculture operations will differ dramatically between species, sites and budgetary constraints. High intensity recirculation systems (eg. salmon smolt production) will be housed in insulated buildings, abalone farmed on flow-through may have basic shade cover and trout in open ponds are likely to have no “housing”.

Tilapia systems in South Africa tend to make use of agricultural tunnels for control of the environment. These are reasonably affective depending on the location of the tunnel (i.e where in the country, and what environmental conditions affect that area). Tunnels heat up well in the sun which is obviously beneficial, however they don’t add much heat under cloud cover and generally are not great insulators against heat lost. They need to be equipped with some form of heat release mechanism, such as fans for extraction of heat in mid summer.

Haygrove Super Solo Tunnel (4)

Haygrove tunnel during the construction phase.

There are a variety of agricultural “greenhouse” tunnels available in South Africa. I have included a few of these suppliers below with pictures and web addresses. These are just the suppliers we have worked with in the past. If they are included here, we have had good experiences with them.Take a look at the list below and the pictures of their tunnels. You can click on the links to get to their sites.

Haygrove (Western Cape)

Econoheat (Western Cape)

Cede (Western Cape)

Dicla (Gauteng)

Multi-rect (Eastern Cape)

Haygrove Super Solo Tunnel (5)

Haygrove Super Solo tunnel with roll-up door.


Econoheat 8m Tunnel inside

Econoheat 8m tunnel.

10m Tunnel inside - econoheat

10m wide Econoheat tunnel.

Dicla 1

Dicla tunnels over Deep Blue Aqua aquaculture systems in Limpopo.

Multi rect 1

Multi-Rect Tunnel constructed in the Eastern Cape with fibreglass tanks built by Deep Blue Aqua.