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Jan 13

Something to think about!

“Aquaculture is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It is like all primary production sectors a highly competitive industry with high entry costs, high risks and 24/7 hard work”. I took this from the Land based Aquaculture Assessment Framework website ( Thought it was particularly pertinent. Take a look at the LBAAF site. There are …

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Oct 21

Operation Phakisa to get Aquaculture Growth Going

Recently Government held an extended workshop in Durban to grind through the stumbling blocks in the development of a number of key Ocean related industries. Aquaculture is one of those. From what I have heard there was a lot of positive stuff that came out of the Aquaculture workshop. We look forward to positive things …

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Oct 29

The African Business Journal writes about us!

There is a nice article in The African Business Journal featuring Deep Blue Aqua. You can view the article by clicking this link.  

Aug 16

Blue Revolution Article in Engineering News

Take a look at the Blue Revolution article in the Engineering News (26 July to 1 August 2013). Its a nice summary of the developments going on in the industry with respect to Government’s drive for aquaculture growth and the shortcomings that need to be addressed to really get things going. I think the end …

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