At   Deep Blue Aqua  we design, manufacture and install aquaculture and live-holding systems for both fresh and marine species. The Deep Blue team and its associates have the skills and experience to supply most aquaculture technology needs.

We have significant experience with aquaculture & live-holding technology, ranging from abalone to trout farming, installation of R&D facilities, hatcheries, aquariums, live holding systems and hotel swimming pool filtration systems. In addition, we design and build both flow-through and recirculation systems dependent on the application.

We produce a number of customized products for use on aquaculture facilities. Please look at our Products page.

Our installation services for new equipment or upgrading of existing systems provide a fast, hassle free service for our clients.

We are agents to various international aquaculture supply companies and can supply drum filters through to water quality monitoring and control systems.

Get a better idea of the work we do – take a look at our project pages to get an idea of the range of work we have covered over the past few years.

The FF2200 standing in our workshop with  Derrick, one of our technicians.

FF2200 Foam fractionator

My last blog post showed one of our FF2200 foam fractionators (protein skimmer) on its way to site. So I thought I would put a slightly better photo of the FF2200. Its difficult to get an idea of the size of the unit without a person standing in front of it. Standing tall at approx …

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FF2200 protein skimmer in transit to an abalone farm.

FF2200 Protein Skimmers delivered to Abalone farm

We recently delivered two of our FF2200 foam fractionators (protein skimmers) to an abalone farm in the Western Cape. The protein skimmers will be used to clean up incoming sea water, foaming off fines that are suspended in the water column. The units are moulded in HDPE and are approx 2.2m diameter and 3.2m tall. …

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